Blood Glucose Meter Optium Xceed

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Product description:

–           Warranty: Lifetime

–           Price:  liên hệ

–           Specification: 1 blood glucose meter and blood glucose test strips 1 box of 25 sticks

–           Manufacturer: Abbott – USA

–           Machine Abbott Optium Xceed blood glucose meter  and ketone monitoring system is designed for easy testing and ease of use. Set intuitive and simple menu icons oriented to minimize the hassle from blood glucose monitoring. In addition, the machine Abbott Optium Xceed blood glucose meter only leading systems on the market with the technology to test blood sugar and ketones in the same meter and test strips.


–           Up filled or filled by the end of the test strip for easy application form and visual confirmation.

–           The second drop of blood can be applied within 5 seconds if the initial drop size is too small, to reduce wastage.

–           Ability to test both blood glucose and blood ketone and support for sick day management.

–           small blood sample required – 0.6uL  3  .

–           Machine Abbott Optium Xceed blood glucose meter compact, lightweight both hand shape

–           measuring time of 5 seconds for quick results

–           Backlight for low powered test light.

–           Large display for clear and easy to read results.

–           The icon driven menu makes it easy to see the results with the option of moving.

–           Display average of 7, 14 and 30 days.

–           Large memory of 450 results.

–           Glucose Enzyme specialized know-only measurements: test strips from Abbott Optium blood glucose meter Xceed is specially designed to eliminate the most common physical obstruction (Vitamin C, Paracetamol, Maltose …), avoid the wrong leechj accuracy of measurement results

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