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–           Introducing Dr glucose blood glucose meter

–           Self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) plays an important role in checking and controlling your diabetes. For a long time research shows that keeping blood sugar levels normal to reduce risk or more complex to 60%.

–           So far, technology trends SMBG has been moved from the reflector system to system biology biosensor. The biosensor system takes advantage of the smaller volume of blood needed, fast measurement time, no wiping or cleaning tools, automated blood injections, …

–           blood glucose meters  GlucoDr TM and TM Blood Glucose SuperSensor GlucoDr test system is a biosensor system fully automated, user-friendly and palm sized device for use SMBG as well as POCT.

–           We believe that the results you get with the machine GlucoDr TM TM Blood Glucose vaGlucoDr SuperSensor system can help you and you can adjust the treatment plan to gain better control of diabetes of you.

–           blood glucose meters and GlucoDr GlucoDrTM SuperSensorTM with technology and patents all over the world. Through the use of plastic processing technology semiconductor, the power of GlucoDrTM and 99.99% GlucoDr SuperSensorTM is manufactured using pure black gold that are known to be the best material for power biosensors. Moreover, GlucoDrTM and GlucoDr sensors SuperSensorTM is the first commercial bio in the world, including 100 electric screen with gold thin gauge.

–           To enhance the unique technology, blood glucose meter GlucoDr TM and TM Blood Glucose SuperSensor GlucoDr provide easy, accurate and reliable testing


–           bio-technology electronics

–           Electrical testing of gold film appoint specialized nature

–           Wide measurement range (20 ~ 600 mg / dL, 1 ~ 33.3 mmod / L)

–           Easy to apply blood sample (sip-technology)

–           The steps are simple and automated test procedure

–           a small volume of blood (4, at least 2.5)

–           Measure the shortest time (11 seconds)

–           Save 100 test results

–           No need for cleaning and maintenance

–           Large LCD Display

–           Convenient and easy to carry the bag

–           Time to use the biosensor long (18 months)

–           Bags moisture

–           Stability in the region with high temperatures and high (Supply-chain in the nation)

– Read the results after 5s poles, boot with the test strip, connected to a computer, common AAA battery easily replaceable, gold electrodes ..


Signage monitor the patient’s blood glucose level in mg / dL)

–           The number of people with low blood sugar levels: 70 mg / dL <(index below 70 mg / dL)

–           The normal fasting 70 -> 120

–           The average person at no: 90 -> 130

–           The number of people at risk of hunger at 105-125

–           The number of people at risk at no 120 -> 145

–           The number of people in high risk Fasting 140 -> 180

–           The number of people with no excess risk at 160-180

–           The number of people exceeds dangerous at both fasting and no:> 180 mg / dL (above 180mg / dL)

–           Change unit: m mol L // -> mg / dL: m mol / L x 18 and vice versa:

–           Please note: as split measure the blood sugar level more easily screened for this disease.

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